Cappadocia ready to witness a dream coming true …

‘’A boutique hotel, contemporary art museum & cafe combine for an award-winning hotel experience.’’

It’s all started in 1999.  Abdullah SEN, Rph (Pharmacist , President of the Board of  Karlık Hotels Co.) started to operate in  tourism in Cappadocia as a hotelier and since then he had brought almost 800 artist and their paintings form all over the world with Turkish art lovers together in events that he orginised, host in his hotels and named “CAPPADOCIA INTERNATIONAL ART MEETINGS”

And next project in his mind was;

A Boutique Hotel with Art Museum in the same building!

Ekrem  KADAK, “ famous painter ,  SEN’s close friend, one of the early pioneers of underglass painting also influenced by traditional techniques, idealist art teacher” gave the greatest examples of  abstract composition, oil painting, underglass painting and his collections  shown in more than 100 art galleries during his 40 years career.

In 2003 famous Turkish painter and “Ekrem KADAK” started to create his collection called “From Traditional to Modern Underglass Paintings” in his atelier which is located in the SEN’s first hotel  “KARLIK EVI  BOUTIQUE HOTEL”.

So by 2020,April  two close friend’s utopic dream came true.

 “Karlık Cave Suite Hotel & Ekrem KADAK Art Museum”   was opened for the service of the guests and art lovers.